Clients Benefit from MCL

Multi-Disciplinary, Full-Project Service
MCL has the resources and experience required for the successful completion of complete projects including: conceptual study phase, preliminary engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, preparation of construction contract packages, construction planning and supervision, field engineering and inspection, commissioning and start-up.
Regardless of project size, MCL provides Clients with maximum attention and an exceptional level of quality work. MCL is committed to complete every project successfully, on schedule, and within budget.
MCL is flexible in meeting Clients' preferences in project team organization, schedule, location of work execution, engineering work scope, and work methods to ensure that our services are provided within the clients' "maximum comfort zone".
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Key personnel who deal with the Client from initial contact continue to work closely with him throughout the project. They have full comprehension of his requirements and concerns and can respond quickly to any situation.
Cost Effectiveness
MCL has a very lean "hands-on" organization whose members all have extensive direct experience on project work in their disciplines.
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